LaVander meets Antwon Richardson

Antwan Richardson (Jeff Glover) and Lavender Eastwood(me) do Santa Barbara.
How many times have you woke up the day after a night of collegiant levels of drinking and herd, “You will never guess what you did last night.”  This, followed by stories of how a pack or rabid fat girls was rubbing all over you AND YOU loved it!, or “I can’t believe you tried to talk to that cop into using his tazer on you. What the hell is wrong with you?” (all true stories by the way)  That person consuming large amounts of alcohol with lowered inhabitions would be your alter ego. Making horrible decisions for you. The inner fun loving brash demon that says, “it’s ok go a head take that shot, it will be fun.” The decisions made by him/her is your alter ego leaves nothing but questions to be answered by… you guessed normal little ole you. Real life you. Lets meet Lavander.
SELF.  Any time a night the starts with you double fisting Heinekens and followed up 10 min later by the question,”tequila or whiskey? You have to pick one dude.” Just know your in for a long night. Upon recieving my ultimatium, the decision had FAIL written all over it. Picture frank the tank from old school, “it just feel good once it hits you lips, YEA now lets go, fill it up again!” I will take the Jamison.
Now, Lavander Eastwood was born and conceived on The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 show and branded by “The Meat Missile” Mark Miller under very similar circumstances.
Lavander came to be, while hangin out with long lost cousin Dennis Cliffton/ Meat Missile  (Mark) after winning the 1st fight for the US team on the show. Mark and I begin to flirt with the idea or drinks in the house. “There’s no harm in one drink? Besides, I’m grown fuckin man. If i wanna a drink I can have damn drink.” was my way of rationalizing. One drink turned to 3/4 a gallon of vodka before you know it, Dennis and Lavender are running a muck and ending with me answering questions the next morning like, “Dude, do you remember Mark rocking Zoombas and you standing there in just your Thai cup, rash guard, and blk Tapout sox?” Fuckin Lavander.
As i was explaining the orgins of Lavander to world renown Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ace Jeff Glover while he proudly rocked his extremly metrosexual pin stripped Alicia Keys fedora amongst  the rockabilly crowd, he stops me dead in my tracks. “Bro whats my name?” I paused, looked him over; While he is standing there in his Tapout Hoodie, plucking his pool stick as if it were a bass guitar (so he’s gotta be black right?) ; ) “Dude you are now Antwan Richardson.” This is the Bong hitting, beer drinkin, skate boarding, Jiu jitsu funny guy now has someone to blame things on. I remember Antwan choked out by his petite loving girlfriend right infront of the cops? Yup thats Antwan.
I wish i could say i remember more of went on this night, but somewhere between switching from Jamison, to Crown, a Tequilla, and beers i had forgot to take a note or two, other than I have to be at a w9:00am  but the good news is i still had my phone, and didnt get beat up.
Fuckin Lavander.


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