Its seems as though the new cool thing is grow a beard and get belligerently “MURICA FUCK YEA!” Patriotism and Nationalism have never really bothered me. As Veteran I am proud. I was never a pipe laying, door kicking, bad ass haji slayin muthafucka.

Not for a lack of desire or attempt. Its just the Army dictated other wise. I sat in the perforated  butthole of the United States during the dog days of summer.  That lovely destination is Fort Benning, Georgia. I completed AIRBORNE training, then the killers came in. The Men from the 75th Ranger Regiment… They showed a short high light video of guys doing sneaky killer shit and I was sold. “Sign me up.”  “OK listen the fuck up men. If you want to come with us and be fucking men. I will see you outside. Assuming you  fucking make though your final jump.” I had just volunteered for the RANGER INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM. I survived my jump. I received my blood wings from my Jumpmasters. Now its 5 oclock in the morning, unknowingly a garbage can would serve as my alarm clock. ” Get FUCK OUT OF YOUR RACKS MEN! YOU ARE NOW MY FUCKING PROBLEM, AND I DONT LIKE HAVING FUCKING PROBLEMS UNDERSTAND?! GET YOUR FUCKING TOGETHER, PUT IT IN YOUR DUFFEL BAG, PUT IT IN YOUR RUCKSACK! IF IT DOESNT FIT YOU DONT NEED GIVE TO SOMEBODY WHO MIGHT WANT THAT SHIT.


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